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Child Psychotherapy, Psychology & Psychiatry

Child Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry are well established disciplines used to address children's severe mental health and personality problems.

Child Psychotherapy is a psychoanalytic treatment for children, young people, parents and families. Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists tailor their approach to the individual child and work in an age-appropriate way. During an individual session, young children do not usually talk directly about difficult things but will communicate through play using the toys provided. Older children may also play or draw whilst teenagers are more likely to talk about their feelings. Through the relationship with the therapist in a consistent setting, the child or young person may begin to feel able to express their most troubling thoughts and feelings. Confused, frightened, hurt, angry or painful feelings can gradually be put into words rather than actions. Child Psychotherapists, Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists may acquire therapeutic play skills to support their other interventions or may be supported by a Play Therapist in a multi specialist team role.   

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