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Name: Jenna Denton

Professional Body:  PTUK

Date of Professional Qualifications: Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy, 2017.  Post Qualifying Certificate in Supervision, 2019.

Previous Profession: Early Years Teacher

Other Qualifications: BA Hons Early Childhood Studies, Early Years Teacher Status, Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills.

Based: West Cornwall


Jenna Pic.png

I originally trained as an early years professional before continuing my studies and training as a certified play therapist in 2014 receiving my post graduate qualification in play therapy in 2017.  My research based dissertation focused on the role of games played in childhood where I learned the ability to play games with a trusting and accepting adult often proceeds cognitive ability and facilitates the development of strong, positive social skills.  A young child is more able to return a toy in a game before being able to give the toy back in a non game.  


I provide one to one play therapy sessions with primary aged children working within schools.  I also work for charities First Light and True Butterflies providing creative arts therapy for children aged between 3 and 16 who have been exposed to domestic violence.  I have a private practice within the Newlyn area working with families.  I believe play therapy provides a child an opportunity to develop feelings of security, respect, value and acceptance enhancing their own feelings of self worth.  In addition, my extensive knowledge of child development enables me to share vital insights with families and professionals championing the child’s need to feel heard and valued whilst respecting their right to a safe and confidential environment within the play room.  I am passionate about working with those families and other professionals involved to enhance better outcomes for every child.


In 2018 I qualified as a clinical supervisor and whilst working with trainee play therapists and providing group supervision on the Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC) training courses; I have recently began providing small group supervision to members of staff working with vulnerable children in schools.  I facilitate a safe and confidential space to explore practitioners’ case load creatively and collaboratively alleviating their potential feelings of isolation and consequential burn out. 

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